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The question we are frequently asked is “When will I have to replace my system due to the laws regarding Freon???” Well here is the timeline for the phasing out of Freon.

1990 Clean Air Act and the HFAC Phase Out (Freon/R-22)

  • January 1, 1996: HFCA production cap implemented
  • January 1, 2004: Production is reduced to 23% below 1997 consumption
  • January 1, 2010; HVAC manufacturers can no longer use Freon/R22 in air conditioners and heat pumps
  • January 1, 2020: No more Freon/R22 can be manufactured

To learn more about the difference between R22 (Freon) and R410A (Puron) click here

Did you know that the change to a Puron system will provide you with additional savings and comfort? (learn more)

Equipment Advances - Cooling & Heating Pumps

Old Technology


New Technology

Higher Operating Costs


Benefit: Lower Operating Costs

    Low SEER 5 to 12
    Low HSPF 5 to 6


    SEER 13 to 19
    HSPF 6.8 to 9.5

Less than Ideal Indoor Comfort


Benefit: Better Indoor Comfort

    Single Speed compressor
    Electromechanical room thermostat
    Cooling mode only


    Two-speed compressors
    Electronic room thermostats
    Cooling and dehumidification

Less Reliable Product


Benefit: More Reliable Product

    Painted steel cabinet
    Aluminum coils
    Electromechanical controls


    Powder paint coating
    Copper tube coils
    Electronic and microprocessor controls

Noisy Operation


Benefit: Quieter Operation

    No sound shield or metal sound shield
    Noisy compressors
    Single speed high RPM outdoor fan


    High-tech sound blankets
    Improved compressors
    Low speed outdoor fan
    Vibration isolation plate

Difficult or Costly to Service


Benefit: Easier and Less Expensive to Service

    Difficult to repair aluminum coils
    Remove coil to access compressor
    Difficult to clean coils
    Schraeder service ports


    Easy to repair copper coils
    Compressor easily accessible
    Easy-to-clean coils
    Back seating service valves

Harmful to the Environment


Benefit: Good to the Environment

    Used ozone depleting refrigerants


    Uses Puron refrigerant

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