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When Should I Change My Equipment?

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There are so many contractors selling so many brand names, how do I know who to choose to install my new unit?

Consumers must take great care in educating themselves on the contractor and his achp-ac-infi-lgsales representative, because bottom line, you are NOT buying a heating and cooling system, you are buying a contractor. Consumers MUST purchase from the contractor they trust the most. Installing heating and cooling systems properly requires significant expertise. The contractor who provides the best solution, proves that his staff is capable and has a track record of responding after the sale, is the one you should select to install your new system. Because the manufacturer transfers system responsibility the dealer after it leaves the factory, your contractor is your only advocate and will be directly answerable for your satisfaction. Choose the contractor in whom you believe and who is able to prove to you that he has the capabilities to cement a long-term relationship with you, the customer.

In Florida, cooling your home accounts for the largest portion of your electric bill. Our hot summer months can require as much as half of your electric dollars to be spent on cooling. If your central cooling/heating system is over 10 years old, chances are it's inefficient and near the end of its useful life. Shop wisely for a new system now, before it breaks down during summer's high heat and humidity. A new, high-efficiency central cooling system or heat pump will mean lower summer energy costs. You can get big FPL discounts for a new, high-efficiency unit - up to $780!

With FPL's Residential Air Conditioning program, it's easy and smart to buy an efficient air conditioning or heat pump system for you home. You'll save hundreds of dollars on the price of your new system. And the savings will continue for years to come, since a high-efficiency system means lower electric bills month after month. So while a high-efficiency cooling and heating system may cost a little more up front compared to a less efficient system, you'll recover the price difference in a very short time.

Why Cool Efficiently?

Replacing an older central air conditioning system with a modern, high-efficiency cooling or heat pump system can result in energy savings of $200 to $500 a year - and possibly more.

Multiply a year's worth of savings by the 10- to 15-year life of the system, and you realize the value of energy efficiency.

Even if you're not planning to purchase a new central air conditioning system right away, you should try to increase your current system's efficiency. You will most likely save money by…

  • Holding down your electric bill, and
  • Increasing the life of your air conditioning system by reducing its workload.
  • Having Preventative Maintenance/Cleaning and Tune-up Performed annually.
  • Change Air Filter as Recommended.
  • Install a Programable Thermostat.
  • Have FPL Survey your home and test your ducts for Leakage.


Most people depend on their car to get to work and back home. If you drive your car one hour a day and travel 30 miles you would total 10,950 miles and 365 hours? During that time you would have had 3 to 4 oil changes, 1 air filter change, and your tires rotated twice. The typical air conditioning system operates 80% of the time in one year. That's 7,008 hours, 19 times more operation than your car. What have you done for your air conditioning system?

Get your System "TUNED UP" annually

Central air conditioning units should be inspected and tuned by a professional one every year. While servicing your unit, have the refrigerant charge checked. The charge impacts how efficiently your air conditioner operates. A system undercharged by 10% can operate at a 20% lower efficiency and overcharging can damage the unit and reduce it's life.

In Florida, cooling your home accounts for the largest portion of your electric bill. Our hot summer months can require as mush as half of your electric dollar to be spent on cooling. If you have a 10 SEER unit and lose 20%, it now becomes an 8 SEER unit. By FPL's anneal cost comparison chart, you can see that this loss is equal to $227. On a typical 3-ton, the higher the efficiency and the larger the system, the more money you lose. On a typical 14 SEER you lose as much as $259. Remember this is with only a 10% change in the charge which equals a 20% change in efficiency. These small percentages that add up to real dollars. How could you not want to assure your system is operating at peek efficiency when the cost of this will most likely put money back into your pocket?

Seasonal Maintenance

One of the most important things you can do to protect your investment in your heating and cooling system is to arrange for seasonal maintenance of your equipment. Just like your car, your heating and cooling system needs a "tune-up" as seasons change. This will ensure that it will not only keep you comfortable, but run to its highest efficiency.

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