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The Space Coast's largest air conditioning, installation, and service provider for over 25 years!

Ultraviolet Air Treatment
To eradicate and capture micro-organism pass-through in residential heating, ventilation and cooling systems, combine our Ultraviolet Air Treatment System with a high-efficiency air filtration system that includes an electronic air cleaner.

Return Air Treatment HUV100_180sq
A Return Air UV System is a great line of defense against airborne microorganisms passing through return ductwork. When combined with a high efficiency filter, a return air UV system offers maximum protection against airborne pathogens. 



Coil Irradiation hwcoiluv
Keep air conditioning systems clean, efficient and worry-free. A UV coil irradiation lamp reduces microorganism and mold growth in moist locations and reduces inhalent and odor irritants at the source. 


Smart Lamp 
SmartLamp™ delivers worry-free operation with automatic brownout and high temperature protection. Intelligent sensors and controls protect the unit from extreme conditions and optimize the life of the UV lamp. 
UV Parts and Accessories 
Honeywell original equipment parts and accessories assure proper fit and performance. Honeywell recommends replacing UV bulbs every 12 months, or when indicated by onboard monitoring systems (when equipped). 

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